how we work

There is nothing overly complicated about the way we work. We use a six-step process when working on any creative project. From the moment we meet with you to the time we hand off files, you will be very involved in the process. After we outline your project, we decide what and who is needed to ensure the greatest level of success. You will work directly with Chris, and if the job requires a larger team of people, then we gather a team of professionals: writers, photographers, illustrators, programmers, designers – whomever we need, to work as effectively as possible.

Some of our services include:

brand identity logo design packaging print advertising catalogs annual reports e-mail blasts newsletters brochures stationery systems web design online advertising promotions posters invitations direct mail

process and project timeline

We can work on a project by project basis, or we can set up a retainer – whichever works best for you. We are also happy to meet for an informal conversation so you can decide if our studio is the right one for the job.

initial review
We begin each project by meeting with you to discuss the project overview, as well as an approved communications strategy. We can work from your strategy, or we can develop one with you. It is imperative that we understand your company, your target market and your competition. We must learn what you offer to the marketplace, so we can help deliver the right message and call to action for your customers.

research and planning
We will take all the information from our review and research everything needed to complete the project. We consider everything from photography, writing, strategy, budgets, production – you name it, we will put it all together to get you a proposal that is viable for both parties.

proposal and estimate
At this point, we present a proposal/estimate that clearly outlines the scope of the project – the work involved, the design process, and a proposed schedule that both parties can follow. At this stage you will know exactly how much things will cost and how long it is going to take. The estimate is then signed by both parties.

concept and design development
This is when we establish the look and feel – the design to build and establish your brand. We show a few pieces to give you a taste of the overall project and once you choose a direction, we then flush it out to all the pieces.

client review and project refinement
It takes a couple rounds between our studio and you to refine, finesse and finalize the last details of the project.

final production
Once we get final client sign off of the design, we then take it into final production. This can include anything from final print ready files for a printer or final files for a programmer. If we have agreed in the initial review that our studio will handle print management, then we will also follow through with the press checks and delivery. If not, then files will be released to you, the client.

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